An Evening with William Spear

The Inner World of Intuitive Feng Shui® & Book Signing

Although feng shui is commonly defined as the "art of placement"
and regarded as a synonym for interior decorating, its true essence is
a more encompassing and substantive exploration of the fundamental nature of the energetics of consciousness, as symbolized in each house of the bagua (feng shui grid) and expressed in the I Ching trigrams from which this ancient knowledge derived.

Our senses inform us of the elements of place. Feng shui enlightens our relationship to space and our constant need for harmony with our environment. What we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch communicate either vitality and calm or discord and chaos.

Many people naturally drawn to feng shui have been distracted by fashion, style or aspects of interior design. Though fascinating and popular, these trends and magical charms are not likely to satisfy our sense of balance or negate powerful environmental challenges.

Going beyond wind chimes and water fountains, discover the inner nature of our connections, the complementary and underlying harmony, and the elegant architecture of consciousness as an integral part of life.


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A gifted and accomplished speaker who offers knowledgeable and lively presentations, Spear has been featured at numerous international conferences and in the press, on radio and television in the U.S. and Europe, including television appearances on CNN, the BBC and the CBS Morning Show. In the foreword of the revised edition of his book, Spear writes:

Feng Shui Made Easy was created after a lifetime of solving puzzles. Making the most complicated things more accessible and easily understood was ingrained in me; transforming philosophies and concepts into practical methods had been fascinating to me since childhood. This book will be like a feng shui consultant coming into your own home. But Feng Shui Made Easy tells you more than just how to rearrange your furniture, it tells your how to change your life -- and that is what feng shui is really all about. This is a remarkable system for self-development and a practical took for improving business and relationships. All you need to do is practice -- the energy flows by itself.





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