Wisdom Traditions of Asia with Liu Ming

Wisdom Science Series
with Liu Ming
Sunday July 31st 2011

This is a series of talks inspired by the possible creation of a graduate school of traditional Asian Science.

In each presentation the historical and fundamental view or cosmology behind ancient Asian science is linked to its various applications and cultural expressions

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM:

The notion of microcosm/macrocosm is central to Chinese Cosmology/Wisdom Science and it is nowhere more articulately expressed than in its Medical Science.

We will look at the way in which human health is linked to Nature itself and how TCM’s unique clinical methods easily unite modern medical fragmentation (chemistry, surgery, psychology and sociology).

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The Emperor of all Wisdom Science is Divination. In the Asian traditions divination is not the anxious searching for personal advantage but a direct conversation with the Unknown.

In this workshop we will survey the systems of Chinese astrology (natal and calendrical), Yijing (I Ching), feng shui and Scapulamancy and their centrality in traditional Chinese life.

$30 each session or
Participate in both sessions and pay only $50!


Liu Ming is a euro-American who over the last 40 years has had the great good fortune to study and practice Chinese Daoism, Chan/Zen and Tantric Buddhism with several great teachers. He holds a degree in Asian aesthetics (art/philosophy) and has been teaching aspects of Chinese medicine and astrogeomancy for several decades. He currently lives and teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. His students understand him
to be a trance-medium.

I believe the time has come for us to stop thinking East vs West and Science vs Religion and look hard at what can inspire and sustain what is best in our human experience. To that end I am exploring the possibility of creating an academy of ancient science whose curriculum (and international faculty) can address the dwindling resources of "modernity" with a meaningful and practical dose of the Wisdom Tradition of Asia. Please join us if you wish to contribute to and/or participate in this dream.

Everyone has heard of shamanism (shaman is a Siberian term), Buddhism (mostly the form derived from India) and Daoism (China's home-grown religion) ... maybe also Confucianism, Shinto, Bon and Central Asian Buddhism - we think of these as the various traditions of Asia but they represent only the religious manifestations of a single Wisdom Tradition that has not only created religious expressions but also systems of divination, medicine and science. As Joseph Needham (of Cambridge University) has shown, it may be that Asia is home of the notion of "scientific investigation and experimentation". In fact, the glamorous presentations of Asian religious practice show only a small part of what makes Asia's Wisdom Tradition great.
... Liu Ming

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This readable cosmo-geography (outer dimension)
is identical to the cosmo-physiology (inner
dimension) that provides the original View of
traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, we must
understand this Original View to understand
embodiment itself.

Clinical methods of traditional Chinese medicine
are designed to restore us to health by simply
“reminding” our embodiment of its inherent
interest in normalcy – expressed in its dynamic
capacity to recover.

When clinical medicine fails to restore health in
TCM it has always been sensible to consult mantic
methods that reveal the root cause of an illness in
terms of the patient’s Fate. Remedies and treatments
must be timely.

In this part of the Wisdom Science series we will
discuss the ways that TC medicine and Fate
have always interfaced.

In the morning session we will discuss how clinical
methods define the TCM sense of embodiment – a
kind of cosmic physiology.

In the afternoon session we will look at the various
Fate Calculation methods in their application to medicine/health.



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