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Manu Butterworth

Manu is founder and director of Golden Gate School of Feng Shui. He has 16 years of combined experience in natural healing and as an international feng shui consultant.

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Eréne Lejeune

Eréne Lejeune has studied traditional medicines since 1998, when she apprenticed Eduardo Chavarria, a bioenergetic massage therapist, psychotherapist and Mayan shaman. In 2000, she began to study with Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, author and educator Gilles Marin in Berkeley, California. She received her advanced practitioner and educator credentials from the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in 2003 under his tutelage.

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Howard Choy

Australian architect, and international feng shui lecturer, Howard was born in China and immigrated with his parents to Australia when he was very young. He began to study feng shui in 1978 in Hong Kong under personal direction of Master Ren Feng Shui Zhilin

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Robert Sachs

In his dedication to seeing people receive information that is both relevant and useful to their daily living, the work of Robert Sachs covers every facet of the human experience. Born in Cleveland, Ohio..

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Mauricio Melchor

Mauricio was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he obtained his bachelor's degree in Architecture and Urban Design in 2000.

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Liu Ming

Liu Ming is a Euro-American who has studied Asian culture, history and religion for over 40 years. He was founding director of Five Branches Institute (1984) College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and on its faculty for twelve years.

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Alex Stark

Alex is a consultant, advisor, and teacher on issues of transformation, creativity, healing, and environmental harmony. A graduate of the Yale University School of Architecture, he is a practitioner of Feng Shui and oriental geomancy and astrology.

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Richard Feather Anderson

Richard Feather Anderson, B.Sc. Architecture, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the revival of feng shui, geomancy, sacred geometry, and labyrinths. He started one of the first geomancy training programs in

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Daniel J. Hudson, LAc

Daniel is a doctoral fellow in Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University. He began his study of Chinese Medicine in 1994, at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Joseph Davis

Joseph Davis, a California State Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.), herbalist, and Assistant Professor at ACCHS, came to Chinese medicine via his study of the martial arts of Tai Chi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang.

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